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My Poppy.
My Canada.

Whether you chose Canada or were born here, we all get to enjoy values like freedom, democracy, and respect for others. Veterans stood up for those rights, but it’s up to us to uphold them. This Remembrance Day, honour veterans by dedicating a Poppy to someone who embodies the values they fought for.

Canada’s history is full of men and women who called forth values like

Equality Acceptance Freedom Respect Open-mindedness Multiculturalism Peace Democracy Sustainability Compassion
Margaret Atwood


Brigadier General T.G. Gibson

"I'm dedicating my digital Poppy to Brigadier General T.G. Gibson, my spouse Graeme's father. He fought in World War Two in Italy and then through Holland and into Germany."- Margaret Atwood

Ashley Callingbull


Pte. Maxime Papin

"My digital Poppy is dedicated to my Great Grandfather, Maxime Papin, who along with Indigenous Canadians served with distinction in the Canadian military."- Ashley Callingbull

Don Cherry


Sergeant Thomas W. MacKenzie

"I'm dedicating my digital Poppy to my great Uncle, Sergeant Thomas William MacKenzie who died in battle four days before the end of WWI."- Don Cherry

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"Everywhere I go in the world, people know that Canadians are accepting and kind. But many people paid the price to give us this way of life."